who dat

i been plottin’ my life, wicked and insane, playin’ life though life sometimes seems to cheat with all its shit when its playin’ the game. i aint givin’ life my chain, i hook it up wit my chain, that’s the mo’fuckin’ game- plan. you ask who this pimp whose post you readin’, i say this me yin the sickest blogga you been lookin’ fo’ i tell you we not the same. drop yo claim.

july is nearing i plan nothin’ but yall who not wit me by that time, anytime, all the time be trailin’. i be turnin’ the tables, i be burnin’ them fables, and whatever tomorrow brings tomorrow will be waiting until the dogs say he’s came. i ain’t bullshittin’ i only bullshit if it’s shit we talkin’. everything i been doing best i be doing better, i ain’t gon’ be the same, remember the name.


14 comments on “who dat

  1. ei, di ko alam na may taga-alabama pala dito? hihi… o, taga-harlem? parang napa-rap ako do’n, a? kulang na lang, ‘yong casette palyer na nakapatong sa balikat, ahaha!

    medyo matagal kang di mapagkikita,huh? anlupet nitong comeback post… 🙂


  2. Now I imagine you having the same color as your blog’s theme. And I say that with utmost care so I won’t be called racist. :p


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